Sarah Mosseller




Sarah is an award-winning copywriter living and losing her keys in Los Angeles, CA. When she is not silently dropping her pen like a mic at her desk, she can be found singing karaoke at the local dive bar, pumping up her passport, teaching herself special effects makeup, or dabbling in random things like professional wrestling.


"She has no off switch. She has jumped in and helped out on almost every client in the building. She looks at every assignment she's given as an opportunity to become a better creative. She has been a huge contributor to the TRESemmé business, as well as a lead writer on Kumon and Provocraft and she has received stellar marks from peers and clients on her work."

— Jason Black, Executive Creative Director at Mullen

"I've never seen Sarah give less than 110% and she is always willing to lend a hand when needed. Sarah that she never half-asses anything she does. Whether she’s concepting a campaign to end opioid addiction, writing an Instagram caption to sell chocolate, inventing a new technology for Domino’s, competing in a Snow Day lip-sync battle, making a mask for Halloween, or wrestling for the championship belt, Sarah whole-asses everything she does with a baddassery anyone in this industry would applaud."

— Stephanie Marcone, Project Manager at CPB+

" Sarah has natural instincts. She’s hungry, un-jaded, talented, and enthusiastic. Would be happy to have her back." 

— Steve Olshansky, Senior Copywriter at Howard, Merrell & Partners