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Piece of the Pie Rewards

Most loyalty programs are built to benefit the brand, not the buyer. We wanted to do something different. We helped Domino’s create a loyalty program that rewards loyalty with loyalty, and ensures our customers always get their piece of the pie.

This unique loyalty program has been my labor of love over the last few years, from helping concept the program mechanics and naming it, to finding a guy with a Noid tattoo on Facebook to see if he’d star in our commercial, to creating a Rube Goldberg machine to explain all the ways to earn, to creating the first mobile game that earns you free pizza, to suggesting Domino’s also give away disloyalty points, I’ve done it all in service of pizza.

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Domino's has some pretty crazy fans. I know because I found them by excessive amounts of Facebook stalking. We figured there would be no better way to introduce a loyalty program than by highlighting our most loyal fans. 


Domino’s Stock Box

We created a fancy af attaché case for newly-minted Domino's shareholders. We included pizza-related financial buzzwords to throw around because, thanks to Domino's, these fans have officially made it to the upper crust.

D&AD Wood Pencil // Clio Bronze Direct Print/Mail // Clio Bronze Brand Design // Graphis Silver X2


Beautifully Easy

Domino's Piece of the Pie Rewards is the only loyalty program that lets you earn points any way you order. We built a Rube Goldberg machine to show people all the ways to earn.


Piece of the Pie Pursuit

Then we turned that machine into a mobile game that became an entirely new way to earn points. Meta. It also became the first and only mobile game that lets you win real-world pizza.

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Profits and Portraits

Domino’s commissioned oil portraits of all 50 of their Piece of the Pie store profits winners to hang in their home stores.